Since the publication of  The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online, readers have been generously posting reviews and recommendations.  Here are just a few:

“I just want to say hello. Although I have been an Etsy shop owner for a while I am not good at the marketing part. I just picked up your book and have learned a lot already just reading part of it.” – a convo from Nancy at the author’s BlueOtterArt on

“If you’re thinking of selling your handmade crafts or artwork online, this may be the best place to begin, particularly if your goal is to turn a small profit from your new business. The author very nicely encourages readers to take their art seriously and explains in some detail how to create a successful marketing plan (even if you’re the only one who reads it), how to identify ideal customers, the elements of good customer service, and the basics of online networking. She also addresses strategies for online promotion and suggests a wide range of free and helpful online resources for further research. Highly recommended for anyone thinking of selling their art online.” – review from Mary S. on

“I bought this for my mom. She makes her own jewelry, but has no idea how or where to sell it. I thought that this book would give her some ideas (which it did). This book is very simple, useful, and explanatory. Almost anyone could read this book and get started right away.” – customer review on

image - EditedSelling Arts and Crafts Online was a “staff pick” for “Best non-fiction of the year” in December 2013 at Bookshop Santa Cruz, one of the Bay area’s most popular independent bookstores.

“A well written book. As an etsy shop owner, the information in this book saves many hours of trial and error. Worth every penny I spent to buy it.” – customer review from Brande on