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Socialize with Pinterest

Since buying and selling arts and crafts is a visual business, it makes sense that Pinterest, the most visual of social networking sites, is an important resource for you to explore. is designed for collecting and sharing pictures of things you love. Pinterest users set up bulletin boards with different topics. Then they “pin” pictures from the Internet onto these boards, usually writing a short comment about each image.  Boards are shared with friends and usually available set to be public and available to the whole Pinterest community…(that would be 10 million users in 2013).  People follow other people’s boards when they find them interesting, click “like” when a pin strikes their fancy, make comments, and re-pin other people’s images.  The result is a vibrant visual community of ideas and images – and links, since each image pinned is a link back to the website where the photo originated.

AlyssaPinterestArtists and crafters will quickly discover the power of Pinterest for sharing photos of their work.  And as with all good social media campaigns, it’s all about collaboration and content.  Sign up for a free account and dive in.  You won’t get very far if you only pin your own work, though.  Mix it up – your own pieces should be a tiny percentage of what you put on your boards.  Pin great items you see on Etsy, on artist websites, in blogs and elsewhere on Pinterest.  Others will do the same for you!

The illustration for this article is a polymer clay treasure I pinned a couple years ago…a teapot by Alyssa from ClaydeLys (one of the artists featured in Selling Arts and Crafts Online).  This pin has gotten more likes and shares over the years than anything else I’ve posted on Pinterest…15 “likes” and a whopping 46 “Repins,” so far.  Thousands of people have seen and shared Alyssa’s amazing work, while many have hopefully clicked the teapot and visited her Etsy shop.

More about using Pinterest to promote your own arts and crafts business in The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Onlinepick up a copy and kick-start your success.

Once you’re on Pinterest, be sure to follow the board for Selling Arts and Crafts Online.

Update September 2014:  “Likes” for Alyssa’s teapot have expanded to 22, while “Repins” are now up to 102! The magic of Pinterest continues!




Authentic Arts from Jenny Hoople

HoopleFaceThe Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online is filled with real stories – artists and artisans who are successful sellers on the Internet.  Their stories will inspire and their advice will guide your own steps to success.  Jenny Hoople, the owner and creative genius of Authentic Arts at, shares her experience in building and managing your own website.  Read her Words of Wisdom in Chapter 11!

"Myself/my biz/my advice are in a book feeling so super famous right now!" Jenny writes on the Authentic Arts Facebook page

“Myself/my biz/my advice are in a book feeling so super famous right now!” Jenny writes on the Authentic Arts Facebook page

Jenny calls herself a geology nerd, and indeed her website, blog and Pinterest boards share a fascinating display of mineral beauty.

Her business sense has narrowed this field down to a charming and popular niche.  Jenny creates jewelry from naturally smoothed and rounded river stones… lake stones… sea stones.  These are the sweet little pebbles you pick up on a beach walk.  Hold in your hand, carry in your pocket for awhile.  We love to take them home as souvenirs, line the stones along a sunny windowsill, or display in a clear vase or basket.

Jenny kicks it to the next level.  With perfectly proportioned holes drilled in each stone, she matches the subtle colors and textures to create amazing jewelry.  Check out her wonderful River Rock Jewelry for a great example of developing a popular and successful product line from the wide field of your interests.  Gratitude to Jenny for sharing her expertise, and welcome to new baby Brian!




A Treasury of Sellers

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online is filled with real people – amazing artists and crafters who generously share their stories and ideas. Many of these fine folk have shops on Etsy, and creating an Etsy Treasury is a great way to showcase their shops.

Click the products in the treasury below to visit these amazing artists and artisans, and stay tuned! These are just a few of the sellers who have contributed generously to the book. Many more seller profiles and treasuries to come!

‘From The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online’ by BlueOtterArt

A few of the Etsy shops featured in my new book

Thank you, thank you, people in the book!

Blue Quartz Trapeze Earrings, Quartz Dangle Earrings - AdamRabbit Small Fine Art Poster Print of an Original Abstract Acrylic Painting - October Gold - budanART Rustic Coat Rack Bottle Opener: Come on in, hang your coat, and pop a brew. Great Conversation Piece. - Palletso Love Gift Tags - Hand Inked Rustic Set of 3 Love Tags w/ Ribbon & Raffia - Papertique
Copper Fish. Wall Hanging, GUY GIFT. Copper Trout, Fish Art Sculpture needs home. - ruddlecottage Handmade Art Bowls Pasta Bowl Set with six pasta dishes and one serving bowl IN STOCK - BlueSkyPotteryCO 3 Americana Heart Ornaments - Bowl Fillers - Tucks - Shelf Sitters - cranberry burgundy blue off-white natural - PrairiePrimitives Name Art - Little Miss Muffet - Nursery Rhyme 8 x 8 Print, Personalized baby nursery - Humperdincks
River rock necklace - faux bois - Basswood Rock Collection Necklace - 718 - AuthenticStone Southern Collage Art Wall Art Nostalgic Whimsical Vintage Style 1940s Woman Home Decor Office Decor -- She's a Sharp Dressed Homemaker - rhodyart Russian Doll Matryoshka Badge Brooch Pin Red Blue - Jackdaw Admiring her Work  Original  oil painting 18x14 inches - PaintedMoonGallery
Infinite Romance Shea Butter Soap Bar (Vegan) - AndersonSoapCompany Dragonfly Cuff Bracelet -  Vintage Assemblage Collage - Silver Plated - Blue Rhinestones - InVintageHeaven - InVintageHeaven You Float My Boat Valentine's Card, Valentine - dodelinedesign Ring Dish, Candy Dish, Keys Holder, Votive Holder Big Red Flowers - ClaydeLys1

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

Anyone on Etsy, sellers with Etsy shops or individuals simply exploring the delicious array of handcrafted offerings, can build treasuries, then share them on Etsy, on Pinterest and on their own blogs.

So many amazing tools and systems to sell your arts and crafts online!


Adam Rabbit defines success

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online is filled with real people – artists and crafters who generously share their stories and ideas.  Ashley, owner of Adam Rabbit, is featured twice in the book: in Chapter 1 as a perfect example of defining success for herself, and in Chapter 15 on marketing, where she shares her clever and inexpensive branding techniques

AdamRabbitAshley is a busy Special Ed teacher. She loves her career and has no desire to leave her job. Ashley also loves creating jewelry. Crafting with raw crystal, stone and wood provides the relaxation she needs to balance her high stress profession.

Ashley opened Adam Rabbit on Etsy to share her artwork and find new homes for the many wonderful earrings and necklaces sitting around her studio.

“I have always had the desire to sell things and have my own store. When I was a kid I sold lemonade with my best friend. I had a perfume stand which was just smelly concoctions I mixed together in old shampoo bottles, and even tried to sell handmade soap from door to door. As I got older I experimented with a few different ideas such as greeting cards, flower pots, vintage items, and finally I arrived at jewelry. Jewelry never lost my interest.”

Ashley enjoys the friendship of other Etsy sellers and customers she has met online.

“Although I always had the desire to create and sell what I make, I am really shy. It took me a lot of courage to even open an Etsy shop. The thought of being judged terrified me. I started getting over that fear this past summer. I knew I always wanted an Etsy shop so I went for it. Once I joined Etsy I was able to connect with hundreds of different artists in the forums. They were extremely encouraging and supportive. They gave me advice on photos, shop policies, new items, pricing, branding- any question you have, at least a handful of people will be there to support you. Etsy is a truly inspiring place to be apart of. There are so many talented people who actually want to help you.”

Find Adam Rabbit at



Meet Successful Online Arts and Crafts Sellers

“Successful online artists and crafters come from many different backgrounds. Some have advanced art and design degrees from prestigious universities, while others are self-taught.  Some businesses start with abundant funding and support; others begin on a shoestring and grow in the spare time between other jobs and responsibilities.” – Excerpt from the first section of The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online

This book is about success.  About creating an online following of customers and fans for your handcrafts.  About realizing your dream of creating a thriving business centered around the artwork you love. Continue reading