all_logosThis book is your guide to online success!

Developed as the newest release in The Everything Series from F&W Media, The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online presents all the step-by-step, common sense information you need to realize your dreams of turning your artwork into cash–online!

With the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, serious art and artisan craft buyers and sellers are turning to the online world to buy, sell, and promote beautiful, homemade creations . . . but where to start? This A-Z guide will show you how to build an online presence and get your creations into the hands of buyers, including:

  • Tips on creating a sound business plan. Take yourself and your work seriously!
  • Techniques for writing effective copy.  How to write about your artwork so customers can find and buy your amazing work!
  • It’s all about the photos!  Find tips and examples for taking professional-level photographs yourself!.
  • Help with creating a comprehensive marketing strategy you can manage yourself.
  • Ways to increase sales through online networking and social media.
  • Best practices for accounting, packing, shipping, and customer service.

You’ll learn about the pros and cons of all the major art and craft sites, as well as tips for creating your own craft store / art gallery website online. With The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online, your online arts business can be up and running in no time!

About Kim Solga

shadingeyesI have been an online merchant for more than 15 years. I own and operate KidsArt.com, an art teaching catalog since 1986, and an online art education and ecommerce website since 1995.  I am an Internet developer, specializing in building small business websites for other online merchants.  I am also a watercolor painter and printmaker.  My artwork is featured on Solga.com and at my Etsy shop, Blue Otter Art.  I know what I am talking about when it comes to selling artwork online, and with years of teaching experience, I know how to share this knowledge with you in simple, easy to follow steps!

When I opened my shop on Etsy, I started a blog, MyEtsyBlog.com, which is dedicated to helping beginners set up and promote an Etsy shop.  The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online takes the next leap in this passion, with complete information about ALL the online venues for successful art and artisan crafts sales.