Top Ten Habits of Successful Online Artists and Crafters – Habit Number One

Selling art and artisan crafts on the Internet is an amazing opportunity, open to everyone and promising abundant rewards!

It can be your road to success at whatever level you imagine, from turning your hobby into a satisfying small part-time business to creating a substantial full-time job and income for yourself.

Woman-and-LaptopThe secret to your success will be a combination of talent, quality, and intuition.  But there are a few things that successful online sellers have in common…

The newest book in the Everything Guide series is illustrates with the stories of real online sellers…artists and crafters who are building vibrant Internet businesses for themselves.

The book opens with their Top Ten Habits…the qualities they all seem to share.  Here’s Habit Number One (with more to follow).

1. Successful online artists and crafters enjoy being online.

They are comfortable with the Internet and their computer.  They use online video training and local resources to get the computer education they need. They use email regularly.  They tend to not watch very much TV.  They spend a couple hours each day online and they have fun doing it.

I’ll share the other Habits of Successful Online Sellers in future blog posts…and invite you all to add your own comments, insights and stories by simply clicking the “Leave a Comment” button below and joining the conversation!


Photo by shopware AG [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “Top Ten Habits of Successful Online Artists and Crafters – Habit Number One

  1. May

    Very interesting article. I find that it’s harder for me to go online after work because I already stare at a screen for 8-9 hours while at work.

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