Making the honor roll

imageI’ve written a few books in my diverse career.  Each one has been a labor of love, with the emphasis on the “labor” part at the beginning.  Writing a book is a piece of work!  But once a book is published, it is like a pesky teenager who has finally headed off to college, off into the world to make a life.  You pat them on the head and hope for the best.

So imagine my delight to walk into Bookshop Santa Cruz, one of the SF Bay area’s leading independent book stores, to see Selling Arts and Crafts Online on the display shelf for “Best Nonfiction of the Year.”  A lovely surprise from my favorite bookseller.  It is thrilling enough to spot Selling Arts and Crafts Online back in the How-To section, among the craft books and business guides.  But front and center as a Best Pick!  Awesome!

I hope your creations – your artworks made with skill and beauty – bring you a similar thrill when you come upon them honored and displayed by your customers, followers and fans!


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