Budget for arts and crafts marketing

Artists and crafters have strong do-it-yourself tendencies.  It is, after all, why we create our own artwork.  This attitude is helpful in building an arts and crafts business. The most valuable marketing tasks are best accomplished when business owners take personal responsibility for getting things done.

There are abundant free possibilities for promoting your art and artisan crafts.  Social media marketing takes time but very little budget.  It costs nothing to set up and post regularly on a Twitter account, a Facebook business page, or a Pinterest profile.  If you open a marketplace shop on sites such as Etsy or Artfire, you can participate in forums, treasuries and teams as often as you wish.  You can use the free services at MailChimp to send regular newsletters to your fans.  All of this free marketing will vastly expand your audience!

But there are marketing efforts you should do and must pay for.  Setting an appropriate budget for these is often a challenge for new sellers.  Just a few worthwhile expenses to consider include:

  • Booth rental at arts and handcrafts fairs
  • Submission fees for entering shows and competitions
  • Investing in professional display systems for shows and product photography
  • Well designed packaging, product labels and hang tags
  • Printing and mailing post cards for art shows

Good marketing will make you more money than it costs.  The basic business rule is to try it, track it, and do it again if it works.



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