Adam Rabbit defines success

The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online is filled with real people – artists and crafters who generously share their stories and ideas.  Ashley, owner of Adam Rabbit, is featured twice in the book: in Chapter 1 as a perfect example of defining success for herself, and in Chapter 15 on marketing, where she shares her clever and inexpensive branding techniques

AdamRabbitAshley is a busy Special Ed teacher. She loves her career and has no desire to leave her job. Ashley also loves creating jewelry. Crafting with raw crystal, stone and wood provides the relaxation she needs to balance her high stress profession.

Ashley opened Adam Rabbit on Etsy to share her artwork and find new homes for the many wonderful earrings and necklaces sitting around her studio.

“I have always had the desire to sell things and have my own store. When I was a kid I sold lemonade with my best friend. I had a perfume stand which was just smelly concoctions I mixed together in old shampoo bottles, and even tried to sell handmade soap from door to door. As I got older I experimented with a few different ideas such as greeting cards, flower pots, vintage items, and finally I arrived at jewelry. Jewelry never lost my interest.”

Ashley enjoys the friendship of other Etsy sellers and customers she has met online.

“Although I always had the desire to create and sell what I make, I am really shy. It took me a lot of courage to even open an Etsy shop. The thought of being judged terrified me. I started getting over that fear this past summer. I knew I always wanted an Etsy shop so I went for it. Once I joined Etsy I was able to connect with hundreds of different artists in the forums. They were extremely encouraging and supportive. They gave me advice on photos, shop policies, new items, pricing, branding- any question you have, at least a handful of people will be there to support you. Etsy is a truly inspiring place to be apart of. There are so many talented people who actually want to help you.”

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