What does it take to start an online arts business?

Starting an online business is an attractive idea. Most people like the thought of being their own boss, working from home, and making money doing what they love to do. But is it right for everyone? Is it right for you?

There are some essential questions to ask yourself before you take the online plunge. Here are just a few from a much longer list of start-up questions presented in Chapter 1 of  The Everything Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts Online:

  • Will I enjoy doing my artwork as a job?
  • Will the things I create be popular with customers?
  • Am I willing to adjust the type of work I make in order to create better products?
  • Do I have, or can I get, the tools and equipment I’ll need to get this started?
  • Am I ready, willing, and able to learn all the skills I’ll need to run a business?

The bottom line?  Take yourself seriously and start today!






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